第40回 Pub Quiz と Halloweenパーティが同時に催されました。

Ben Alex先生が中心となってすごい盛り上がりでした。 

第39回パブ クイズが月カフェにて楽しく行なわれました。

The 39th Pub Quiz was held at Tsuki-cafe. It has been continuing for 28 years.
外国人の英語の先生による第39回パブ クイズが月カフェにて楽しく行なわれました。
28年間も続いています。Ben Alex先生が 中心、Jason Sturgean先生の司会で大いに盛り上がりました。

Pub QuizとHalloweenパーティが盛大にもようされました。

10/25恒例のALT(外国語青年招致事業)の先生方のパブ クイズがハロウイン パーテイーを兼ね 月カフェにて行われました。ローレン先生とケリー先生の名司会が57名の参加者を大いに沸かせました。この摧しは23年間 38回目になります。
we held annual Pub Quize for ALT teachers and Halloween party on October25th. This party has been continued for 21 years since Adagissimo-predecessor of Tsuki cafe-held it first. It would become 38th this time. 57teachers enjoyed it a lot by Loren and Kelly sensei.

Pub Quiz


This was the 36th Pub Quiz in 20years. が Tsuki-cafeに於いて行われました。

今回は、Fred Decondappa先生のプロデュースでHalloweenパーティと一緒ですごい盛り上がりをみせました。
約52名の先生方が集まり、Wade Binnebois先生とWagner Soto先生の司会、まあ写真をごらんあそばせ!!

Tracey O'Reilly 先生のコメント

One of the reasons I was rarely homesick as a Canadian living in Japan was because of the warmth and hospitality of Hiroshi Amano San. His cafe was a home away from home and my time there is one of my fondest memories of my life in an incredible country. I loved the food but stayed for the friendly conversation. I even learned about great music !

Tracey O'Reilly '90?91 Tsuru HS

Anu 先生のコメント

Dearest Hiroshi san
First of all, my most heartfelt congratulations go to your super genki mama !
Wow, 101 years old ! You've really looked after her, haven't you, in spite of your long, hard working schedule !
Second of all, don't apologise for the website not being done ! When you are so busy and doing everything by yourself it's almost impossible to keep on top of things ! Believe me, I know and understand !
And finally, I'm glad you like the comments - like I said,
I wanted there to be the old one and then a simple new one (as I don't know the new Tsuki cafe yet).
We have just come back from a fantastic wedding in Corsica. You would love the country, culture and people !
I'll send you some photos in a collage sometime soon (let's hope not next year !!!)
Anyway - take care and lots of love.

Anu Jain '91?'94 KitatsuruBOE



Angelika さようなら


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